Forged from Fire

Book a local screening of Forged from Fire – The Making of the Blacksmiths’ Tree to coincide with Black Saturday 10 year memorial events, February 2019, and help us complete this important film.

Organise a screening of Forged from Fire in your community

Forged from Fire is a unique and important film documenting the transformation that took place among a small team of artisans in the wake of the Black Saturday fires.

We are coordinating screenings across the country to coincide with the 10-year memorial anniversary of Black Saturday. Screenings can be held from February 2019 onwards.

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The screening licence is a $350 tax-deductible donation made to the Documentary Australia Foundation. Your support will help us raise the $40,000 needed to cover the last of our production costs to complete this important film.

The licence allows you to host a screening of Forged from Fire in your local community. The licence includes a package of resources to support communities to host screenings that are trauma-informed and sensitive to the possible exposure of audience members to the Black Saturday fires. These resources are developed by the Swinburne University of Technology.


Forged from Fire tells the story of how an Australian and international community of blacksmiths, welders, artists and volunteers responded to the devastating Black Saturday bush-fires by creating perhaps the most ambitious public artwork and memorial in Australia – a three tonne, 9.8-meter tall stainless steel and copper gum tree – The Blacksmiths’ Tree.

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Help us complete Forged from Fire – the making of the Blacksmiths’ Tree by making a tax-deductible donation today.

Every donation over $2 is tax-deductible through the Documentary Australia Foundation.



In response to Forged from Fire preview screenings, teasers and exhibitions.

Seeing that tree all together was very affecting for me…like a community put back together after unthinkable devastation.

- Jeannette Davison (Warrandyte, Australia)

It’s given people a way of being involved. I think that’s a big difference, it’s a grassroots creation that’s come from an idea and thousands of people, which to me gives it so much more validity than a static memorial.

- Shane Pugh (Tree Project Volunteer)

What will you need to host a local screening?

If you’re not a cinema and you’re wanting to host a screening here’s what you’ll need:

  • A suitable venue with seating and amenities
  • A screen
  • A relatively decent video projector
  • A decent sound system or PA
  • A copy of our film (delivered on USB stick or downloaded)
  • A laptop or other means to play our film on
  • A comments book… we love feedback!

We also recommend providing a community health worker who can support anyone wishing to share their own response to trauma. Consider hosting a facilitated Q&A or audience feedback session afterwards.

We will provide a package of resources to support communities to host screenings that are trauma-informed and sensitive to the possible exposure of audience members to the Black Saturday fires. This package will have been developed by the Swinburne University of Technology.

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Provide us with details of your proposed or scheduled screening of Forged from Fire and we will contact you to confirm your booking. Screenings may be made from 9 February 2019.

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