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Ocean in a Drop

India’s invisible majority are poor yet literate in their own traditions and increasingly online. Ocean in a Drop is a film about these emergent online populations told by rural women and children, artisans and entrepreneurs. Shot in 2015 the filmmakers visited fourteen villages throughout nine districts across Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

A film by Andrew Garton in collaboration with the Digital Empowerment Foundation and INOMY Media and in association with the Internet SocietyAustralia India Institute and the Association for Progressive Communications. Ocean in a Drop is a production of Secession/Films.

Production commenced January 2015. Ocean in a Drop was completed February 2017. The film is accompanied by the book, Right to Know – India’s internet avant-garde, a soundtrack album, an eight-part web series and a podcast. The web series is available exclusively on Cinemata. The podcast series is available on all platforms; search for Right to Know.


Choose to watch Ocean in a Drop now, hire or purchase a digital copy for a modest fee.

All proceeds from rental and purchase of this film go directly to the filmmakers towards the production of new works by Secession Films.




  • Writer / Director – Andrew Garton
  • Director of Photography – Jary Nemo
  • Second unit camera – Rohit Dhall
  • Design – Cathy Chen
  • Media and Translations – Udita Chaturvedi
  • Translator – Ravi Guria



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